Skagit Valley College Culinary Students


Whether you want a quick snack, a latté at the Student Grounds Coffee Shop, or an exciting dining experience, Skagit Valley College has something to please your palette.

In the morning Culinary students start off at the Bistro cooking frittatas, omelets, and eggs of any style. Also, they prepare French toast, pancakes, hashes, and many other specialty breakfast items.

In the hot express the Culinary Department features many delicacies. You can order gourmet burgers, including the 12-man burger cooked fresh to order, along with daily specials ranging from comfit chicken Caesar salad, to Philly cheese steaks, and everything in between. Many of these items you would find at your fancy diner.

The Cardinal Café opens at 11 a.m. every Monday through Thursday, where a prefix three-course meal is served. The Café focuses on a different world region of cuisine each week, and presents an approachable fine-dining experience. Check out this week’s menu!

The café is located at the north side of the cafeteria in the Cardinal Center building. The Student Grounds Coffee Shop is located at the southwest corner of the main Cardinal Center building.