Participation in activities or departmental clubs, honorariums and service organizations is a vital part of your life as a student at Skagit Valley College. Take a minute to read through the many ways you can be involved while at SVC.

All clubs and organizations are chartered by the ASSVC. The following is a list of all the active clubs and organizations and their faculty advisors. If you are interested in becoming involved in a club or organization, contact the club advisor directly.

Click on the name of a club below to learn more about it.

Asian Pacific Islanders Club Journalism Club Natural Sciences Club
Nursing Club Pagan Student Union Phi Theta Kappa
Rainbow Alliance Sanctuary Club Scallywags



Promotes social and cultural activities to learn about the Asian Pacific area, culture and people. For more information contact Maria McGee at (360) 679-5311, or

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The purpose of this organization is to encourage interested students to explore and learn all aspects of journalism and journalistic writing, while providing an explorative look into social media and communications and inform readers of events relative to them and their surroundings. For more information, contact Kelli White-Mellish at

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The purpose of this club is to promote awareness of the natural sciences and their relevance in education, community, and our society as a whole. For more information please contact Brian Brady at (360) 679-5250, or

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Has sponsored campus blood drives, cancer and health awareness events, donated health kits to impoverished areas, and organized field trips to The Bodies Exhibit and regional health facilities. For more information, contact Cynthia Scaringe at

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The purpose of this club will be to support interested students of varying religious beliefs or practices falling under the umbrella of “Paganism” to provide visibility for this misunderstood and often persecuted minority group of religions, and to educate students and community through guest speakers, discussions, and organized activities. For more information please contact Phillip Bernhardt at

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Academic Honor Society. Must have a 3.5 GPA to be invited to join and must maintain a 3.3 GPA to remain. Performs community service projects and raise funds for student scholarships. For more information, contact Faculty Advisor Tamara Oakes at, or call her at (360) 679-5328. You can also email Faculty Advisor Jeff Stady at, or call him at (360) 679-5309.

PTK Membership Eligibility

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two-year technical and community colleges. We use a college-wide computer search to determine which students are eligible to join. As a result, sometimes individuals are overlooked. If you are eligible, or if you know someone who may be, please feel welcome to contact me. 1. Eligibility requirements: a) completed a minimum of 12 college-level credits (classes numbered 100 or higher) with a GPA of 3.50 b) have at least two quarters remaining before you graduate (due to the way some of Skagit Valley College’s degrees are structured, we can now waive this latter requirement). 2. Orientations: a) Who can attend: any interested student – you do not need to be eligible to join Phi Theta Kappa to attend an orientation. b) Why attend: Meet current members and the advisor. These individuals will also explain the benefits of joining Phi Theta Kappa. Also, application forms will be handed out at each orientation. c) The orientation schedule (locations and times) will be posted by mid-quarter. 3. Fees: * Application fee: The one-time only application fee will be $80. This fee is broken down in the following portions: $45 goes to the International Headquarters, $5 goes toward Regional Dues, and $30 is kept by our chapter, Alpha Omicron Sigma. * Membership dues: there are no ongoing membership dues. The $30 portion of your application fee represents your membership dues. Once the application fee is paid, you owe no money to our chapter.

Meeting Times
Meetings will be held on the following Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. in Oak Hall, Room 314. Meetings are open to everyone – whether a member of Phi Theta Kappa or not. Each meeting typically lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Graduation Regalia
All members, excluding officers, are required to purchase their graduation regalia (if interested in wearing any). The stole and tassel may be purchased from From there, go to the recognitions store. You will need your membership id number (that number may be found on the card that was attached to your membership certificate).

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This organization exists to promote the welfare of LGBT Allies, lesbian, bi-sexual, and gay students, faculty, and staff at SVC and the community at large. Contact Phillip Bernhardt at for more information, education, support, and referral.

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This club is on campus to enlighten and inform Skagit Valley College students who are curious about the Christian faith. We encourage Christians to express themselves with music and artistic expression through worship and community events.  The club will have regularly scheduled meetings to worship and encourage others through bible studies, discussions, and events.
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This club is located at the Martine Technology Center in Anacortes. This club exists to promote the needs of the Marine Technology Students through social and educational events. For more information contact Mike Swietzer or Mike Beemer at (360) 766-6282 or, or

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Inactive clubs looking for student leadership:


Drama Club
Has sponsored a dinner theatre, workshops and a formal masquerade ball. They also represent the award winning play The Vagina Monologues as a fundraiser for local domestic and sexual abuse center. For more information, contact Lisa Zenno at

Mixed Martial Arts
Learn a variety of martial arts with beginners to experienced students. Competed at international events in Canada. For more information, contact Lisa Zenno at

International Club
For more information, contact Lisa Zenno at

Whidbey Art Club: Curators Society
For more information, contact Lisa Zenno at

Double Black Diamond Ski and Ride Club
For more information, contact Lisa Zenno at

Photo Club
For more information, contact Lisa Zenno at

Have another club, program, or idea in mind? Contact (360) 679-5311 Old Main Room #2

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