“Tenure” is defined as a permanent faculty appointment which may be revoked only for sufficient cause and due process. Skagit Valley College’s tenure review process is based on Washington State law and is conducted according to the negotiated agreement between the SVC Federation of Teachers and the College’s Board of Trustees.

Each probationary faculty member is assigned to a tenure review committee (TRC), whose quarterly evaluations of the probationer are directed toward and result in a determination of whether or not the faculty member has the necessary personal characteristics and professional competence to perform effectively in his or her appointment.

The TRC’s evaluation procedures include: classroom observations, review of student evaluations (opinionnaires), probationer interviews, and assessment of probationer participation in professional activities on and off-campus.

The TRC ultimately makes a recommendation to the College’s Board of Trustees to award or not award tenure; the Trustees have the final legal authority to make tenure appointments.

For further information about the tenure process please contact Brian Murphy at brian.murphy@skagit.edu.

Students are VITAL in the process of granting tenure. The college values the opinions and insights of students. Who better knows about the value of quality instruction than you? Please consider serving your fellow students and developing your resume of extracurricular activities. If you are interested in serving on the Tenure Review Committee, please fill out an application and return it to the Office of Student Life.