College Committees

Made up of faculty, staff, and students

Governance Steering Committee (2 VPs and 1 At Large Student)
This committee directs the decision-making processes in the district. When someone has an idea for a new policy or policy update, they first go to the steering committee, which decides what campus committee or group will work with the requester to revise the policy and what will happen next.

Instruction Committee (1 Student)
This committee works on instructional policies and procedures including the annual schedule, new course offerings, instructional timelines, and the like. The steering committee assigns issues to this group regularly.

Tenure Review Committees (application required)
When a full time “tenure track” faculty member is hired at the college, s/he is assigned to a tenure review committee whose role it is to evaluate his/her teaching, work with him/her on career development, and ultimately make a recommendation to the college board of trustees on whether or not the faculty member should be hired after their third year of teaching. Students need to apply; visit the Tenure Review page [ link to page ] for more details.

Safety Committee (1 Student)
This committee meets to discuss and act on safety issues on our college campuses. They are responsible for writing safety procedures such as emergency response plans, accident prevention plans, and so on. Contact Dave Scott [ ], Director of Physical Plant for more information on meeting times.

Grievance Review Committee (2 Students)
When a student who has a concern about a grade or his/her treatment by a college faculty or staff member and has exhausted the informal complaint process, his/her concerns are heard by the grievance review committee. This group hears from all parties involved in the issue and makes a recommendation for a remedy.

Disciplinary Hearing Board (1 Student)
This board convenes hearings in which it listens to parties involved in student discipline cases and decides on findings of student responsibility and appropriate sanctioning of violations of the code of student conduct.

Technology Fee Committee (4 students, application required)
This committee recommends appropriate use of technology fee funds for student-related technology needs such as computer labs, network infrastructure, and software. Visit the Student Tech Fee page for more information. [ find correct link to page ]

Student Government Committees

Made up of students only

Services and Activities (S&A) Fee Budget Committees
These groups of students, one for the district (6-8 students including president and treasurer) and one for each campus, recommend the distribution of the services and activities fee budgets for the following school year. The S&A fee budget for 2010-2011, around $740,000, was divided among student organizations and college programs that directly serve students outside of the classroom. Contact Brian Murphy for more information on meeting times. If you are interested in joining the S & A Fee Budget Committee, please fill out and submit the application form.

MV Constitution Review Committee (3 Students)
When a group of students wishes to form a club to be recognized, they submit their constitution to this committee. The committee works with the group until the document is ready to be considered by the student government, whose job it is to decide on approval.

Spring Elections Committee (for 2015-2016 school year)
This committee organizes the student body’s general election on the MV campus.

Financial Code Committee (3 Students)
This committee will work on updating the Financial Code.