Can’t afford phone service? Running low on minutes? Community Voice Mail can help.

Get a free, private voice mail number to check and receive messages any time of day, from any location. Whether you need it for a few days or several months, the number is yours.

Plus, if you’re looking for work, you can have access to a job resource hotline and up-to-date job listings. Ask about Community Voice Mail today!

If you’re already getting help at one of these agencies, you can get set up with CVM while you’re there:

Salvation Army

Burlington Crisis Center
Burlington Library

East Skagit County:
East Skagit County Resource Center
Upper Skagit Tribe

Mount Vernon:
Compass Health
Oasis Teen Shelter
Parent Child Assistance Program
Life Transitions — SVC
Peer Connection Center
Skagit County Human Services
Skagit Community Action Agency
Sea Mar
Skagit DV&SAS
Sunrise Services
Upper Skagit Tribe