Process Overview for Student-Related Capital Project Fee Committee

Process Steps

  1. Projects are reviewed by Facilities Director to determine if they are capital projects.  In order to be considered a capital project, a proposal must cost at least $5,000 and have a useful life of at least seven years.
  2. Capital Fee Committee reviews remaining proposals for funding approval based on the below criteria and funds available.
  3. Cabinet reviews approved projects to consider change of use considerations if applicable (see criteria #2 below).

Decision-making Criteria and Potential Questions for Requesters

Projects under consideration for student-related capital fee expenditures will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Buildability:  Extent to which the project is well-designed, feasible to construct, advisable in terms of architectural and safety concerns, and manageable by the College Physical Plant Office.
  2. Permanence:  Extent to which the project permanently changes the footprint, function, and/or original design of a space.  Permanent changes must also be evaluated by the President’s Cabinet before final approval is granted.
  3. Benefit to Students:  The number of students who benefit by the project and the extent of the benefit.
  4. Potential Question to Requester  How many students typically use this facility? What is the benefit of the project to these students?
  5. Scalability:  Whether the project is possible if the full amount requested isn’t funded from capital fee revenue.
  6. Potential Questions to Requester  Can this project be reduced in size if the full funding isn’t available?  Are there other sources of funding that you are able to pursue for the project?

Student-Related Capital Fee Budget Request Form