What Are Services and Activities Fees?

The Services and Activities Fee Committee (S & A Committee) is a college committee comprised of students and advisors that allocate money from Services and Activities Fees. These fees are paid by each enrolled student every quarter as a portion of their tuition and are used to fund many different student activities and programs. The S & A Committee is presented with budget requests by program directors and club advisors, and makes budget recommendations (proposed budget). The annual S & A budget is approved by the Skagit Valley College president and authorized by the Board of Trustees. Programs such as Cardinal Athletics, Multicultural Student Services, Program Board, Associated Students of Skagit Valley College (Student Government), KSVR-FM Radio, clubs, and many other student services are made possible due to S & A fees.

Who determines the S & A Fee?

The fee amount each year is determined by the S & A Committee.  The District S & A committee is provided projections for the following academic year by the Business Office and based on this information can increase S & A fees (as permitted by Washington Administrative Code) or choose to leave them at the current amount. S & A fees may not be lowered.

Funding is allocated to each campus and centers based on number of Full-time Equivalent (FTE).  The District Committee sets the S & A fee and approves the final budget before presenting it to the ASSVC District Legislature for review and comments.


There are three committees: the District S & A Budget Committee, the Mount Vernon Campus S & A Committee, and the Whidbey Island Campus S & A Committee.  Each campus committee shall consist of their respective co-president, treasurer, a third representative, and at least two registered students.

Submitting Proposals

Proposals may be submitted by any member of the college community. Budget allocations will not be made by the S & A committees if they determine that the request does not meet the basic standards and legal requirements regarding permissible use of Services and Activities Fees. S & A Fees are for the purpose of supporting student activities and programs. For more information regarding permissible uses you can read the Guidelines For Permissable Use of Services and Activity Fees.

Past S & A Fee Expenditures

S &A Fee Expenditures 2017-2018
S &A Fee Expenditures 2016-2017
S & A Fee Expenditures 2015-2016
S & A Fee Expenditures 2014-2015
S & A Fee Expenditures 2013-2014

S & A Background Documents
Guideline to the Permissible Use of S & A Fees
ASSVC Financial Code
S & A 2017 Hearing Schedule

S & A Budget Committee Applications
To join the Service and Activities Committee you must submit your completed application to the Student Life office. Applications are due on Friday, January 12th by 5 p.m.
S & A Budget Committee Application

S & A Budget Request Form
Budget proposals will be due at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 29th, 2018.
S & A Budget Request Form